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Mike Endee wins the  2014 Outlaw Modified Series Championship! The series only ran half a season but Mike Endee won 5 out of the 6 races!!!

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We thank you for your interest in our series and suggest you bookmark us.  The Outlaws are the oldest continuously running traveling series in the state of Florida.  Originally conceived in the early 1970’s as the first Modified Mini stocks at Hialeah Speedway it progressed to a modified body style and were called the Pro-4s of Florida.  A change in management from Craig Scherar to Paul Petri of Ocala Racetrack fame saw the roofs come off and the name changed to the Outlaw Modifieds.  Richard Huston picked up the reins in 1996 and car count began to climb.  In 2000 Steve Brigham took over the series and incorporated it as the Outlaw Modified Racing Series.  Car count continued to climb and the Outlaws are now a major touring series with 18 races scheduled at 4 different tracks for 2011. 

The OLM’s mission statement is simple “provide a family environment for the fastest four cylinders in Florida, and do it inexpensively.”  To this end races are scheduled on the first and third Saturday of the month.  If a race is missed due to a rain out it is not rescheduled as that would not be fair to a team that may not be able to make it up.  This keeps every team on an equal footing for points.  Consideration for Family Life is very important as most of the teams are made up of close knit Family units such as Team of Harry Campbell which fields 3 cars and has more clansmen at the track than at the last Highlands Clan reunion. 

The cars themselves are also unique as they are built on tube chassis with coil over shocks.  Rolling on 10 wide tires and a 76” track, these cars are fast and nimble.  Power plants run from Fords to Toyotas and even an odd Nissan, however the Ford 2300’s is the favored motor.  Motor rules have stayed very stable over the last 10 years with the only rule change coming this year which allowed the Esslinger aluminum d-port head.  This was done only to provide an alternative to hard to find iron heads.  This head can only be run on a low compression motor, another way the Outlaws promote reliability as low compression motors enjoy a major weight break.  Speeds of an Outlaw rival those of a limited late model on a quarter to 3/8 mile track.

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Racing Update!!!


The first race of the 2015 Outlaw Modified Racing Season will be on January 17th at Three Palms Speedway, Punta Gorda!  Pit Gates open at 1:30 and Heat Races at 5:00.




1/4/2015- The complete Outlaw Modified Season is now posted...Save the dates and get your cars ready.


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Monday 28 July 2014

Endee's Seems Unbeatable with Fifth 2014 Win

Mike Endee made it a near perfect 5 of 6 in feature wins for the 2014 Outlaw Modified season with another caution free win at Showtime Speedway. 

Six Outlaw Modified teams came to compete but Billy Campbell (00) suffered a devastating blow when he spun a bearing during the practice session and reducing the field to five cars.  With only five cars, the heat race was cancelled.  

The field lined up for the feature with Kevin Endee (5) on the pole and Ric Mills (22) on the outside front row.  During the hot laps prior to the race, Endee’s car started blowing water.  Kevin took the car to the rear and the front row was realigned with Mills on point and Meyer (22) to his outside.  Mark Patton (51) lined up behind Mills and Mike Endee (26) behind Meyer.

Mills (22) and Meyer (04) took the green flag driving side by side for the entire first lap.  Meyer had a hard time keeping his car straight on the outside through the turns but make up for it in the straight aways.  Mike Endee (26) haunted the pair from behind waiting to see which would gain an advantage. Mark Patton (51) hung in following the top three while Kevin Endee (5) faded.  On lap three, Meyer’s car just couldn’t handle the turns on the outside and, with a little slip, fell behind Mills.  Mike Endee to advantage of the opening left by Meyer and darted to the outside of Mills going into turn 3. 

Mills (22) and Endee (26) raced side by side for the next several laps.  Meyer (04) found a little more grip just half a groove down from Endee and caught the pair.  Endee’s car was glued to the outside.  On lap seven, Mills stayed low coming out of turn two.  Meyer stuck the nose of his car between Mills and Endee as if to try going three wide down the back stretch.  Meyer got his bumper between Mills’ right rear and Endee’s left rear but the space wasn’t wide enough to get his front wheels between them.  As the three approached Kevin Endee (5), threatening to put him a lap down, Kevin took his car to the infield as the water leak was getting worse.

Meyer backed off, fell behind Mills, and tried to get under him coming out of turn four.  That didn’t work either as Mills protected the inside.  On lap ten, Mills’ car got just a little sideways coming out of turn two and Meyer tried the three-wide once again down the back stretch.  Again, he could only get his bumper between Mills and Endee, but no further. 

As Mills (22) kept his car low to protect the inside over Meyer (04), he started losing ground to Endee (26).  On lap twelve, Endee pulled a half car length ahead of Mills.  On lap 13 it was a full car length and Meyer started to challenge Mills from the outside.  Going into turn four of lap 14, Meyer drove his car deep into the turn and alongside Mills.  Meyer kept it straight coming out of four and the two had a drag race down the front straight.  Meyer’s momentum through turns one and two propelled him a head of Mills.

For the last five laps, Meyer chased Endee, pulling within a half car length several times but to no avail.  The two put some distance between them and Mills with Patton not too far behind him.  Endee (26) won comfortably over Meyer (04) with Mills (22) ending up third and Patton (51) fourth.  Kevin Endee watched the end of the race from the infield for fifth.

So the question is: Can anyone beat Mike Endee?  Mike has won five of the six feature races this season.  The only race Mike did not will was the result of an untimely spin while attempting to pass Dan Akard for the lead.  Most stock cars are set up for either handling or for horsepower.  A handling car is driven through the turns but needs to make an early apex low in the turn like that of Meyer (04) or Nelson (80).  A high horsepower car drives deep into the turns, slows way down, turns and then rockets off with brute bottom end horsepower much like Billy Campbell (00) or Doug Hopper (15).  Endee’s car has a lot of power and handles, but what makes him so fast is that he can maintain control all the way around the turns on the outside of the track.  Watching his line says a lot about Endee’s car, especially at a track like Showtime that has no outside groove.  So, if any of the Outlaw Modified drivers have a shot at beating Mike Endee, they had better figure out how to drive the outside without their rear ends slipping out from under them in the turns.




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