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Endee Makes it 5 of 6 With Feature Win at Showtime

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We thank you for your interest in our series and suggest you bookmark us.  The Outlaws are the oldest continuously running traveling series in the state of Florida.  Originally conceived in the early 1970’s as the first Modified Mini stocks at Hialeah Speedway it progressed to a modified body style and were called the Pro-4s of Florida.  A change in management from Craig Scherar to Paul Petri of Ocala Racetrack fame saw the roofs come off and the name changed to the Outlaw Modifieds.  Richard Huston picked up the reins in 1996 and car count began to climb.  In 2000 Steve Brigham took over the series and incorporated it as the Outlaw Modified Racing Series.  Car count continued to climb and the Outlaws are now a major touring series with 18 races scheduled at 4 different tracks for 2011. 

The OLM’s mission statement is simple “provide a family environment for the fastest four cylinders in Florida, and do it inexpensively.”  To this end races are scheduled on the first and third Saturday of the month.  If a race is missed due to a rain out it is not rescheduled as that would not be fair to a team that may not be able to make it up.  This keeps every team on an equal footing for points.  Consideration for Family Life is very important as most of the teams are made up of close knit Family units such as Team of Harry Campbell which fields 3 cars and has more clansmen at the track than at the last Highlands Clan reunion. 

The cars themselves are also unique as they are built on tube chassis with coil over shocks.  Rolling on 10 wide tires and a 76” track, these cars are fast and nimble.  Power plants run from Fords to Toyotas and even an odd Nissan, however the Ford 2300’s is the favored motor.  Motor rules have stayed very stable over the last 10 years with the only rule change coming this year which allowed the Esslinger aluminum d-port head.  This was done only to provide an alternative to hard to find iron heads.  This head can only be run on a low compression motor, another way the Outlaws promote reliability as low compression motors enjoy a major weight break.  Speeds of an Outlaw rival those of a limited late model on a quarter to 3/8 mile track.

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Schedule Change!!!


The Outlaw Modifieds have added two races tot he 2014 schedule.  Both races are scheduled for Three Palms Speedway in Punta Gorda.  Added race dates are:


30 August and 8 October



Monday 28 July 2014


Endee's Seems Unbeatable with Fifth 2014 Win

Mike Endee made it a near perfect 5 of 6 in feature wins for the 2014 Outlaw Modified season with another caution free win at Showtime Speedway. 

Six Outlaw Modified teams came to compete but Billy Campbell (00) suffered a devastating blow when he spun a bearing during the practice session and reducing the field to five cars.  With only five cars, the heat race was cancelled.  

The field lined up for the feature with Kevin Endee (5) on the pole and Ric Mills (22) on the outside front row.  During the hot laps prior to the race, Endee’s car started blowing water.  Kevin took the car to the rear and the front row was realigned with Mills on point and Meyer (22) to his outside.  Mark Patton (51) lined up behind Mills and Mike Endee (26) behind Meyer.

Mills (22) and Meyer (04) took the green flag driving side by side for the entire first lap.  Meyer had a hard time keeping his car straight on the outside through the turns but make up for it in the straight aways.  Mike Endee (26) haunted the pair from behind waiting to see which would gain an advantage. Mark Patton (51) hung in following the top three while Kevin Endee (5) faded.  On lap three, Meyer’s car just couldn’t handle the turns on the outside and, with a little slip, fell behind Mills.  Mike Endee to advantage of the opening left by Meyer and darted to the outside of Mills going into turn 3. 

Mills (22) and Endee (26) raced side by side for the next several laps.  Meyer (04) found a little more grip just half a groove down from Endee and caught the pair.  Endee’s car was glued to the outside.  On lap seven, Mills stayed low coming out of turn two.  Meyer stuck the nose of his car between Mills and Endee as if to try going three wide down the back stretch.  Meyer got his bumper between Mills’ right rear and Endee’s left rear but the space wasn’t wide enough to get his front wheels between them.  As the three approached Kevin Endee (5), threatening to put him a lap down, Kevin took his car to the infield as the water leak was getting worse.

Meyer backed off, fell behind Mills, and tried to get under him coming out of turn four.  That didn’t work either as Mills protected the inside.  On lap ten, Mills’ car got just a little sideways coming out of turn two and Meyer tried the three-wide once again down the back stretch.  Again, he could only get his bumper between Mills and Endee, but no further. 

As Mills (22) kept his car low to protect the inside over Meyer (04), he started losing ground to Endee (26).  On lap twelve, Endee pulled a half car length ahead of Mills.  On lap 13 it was a full car length and Meyer started to challenge Mills from the outside.  Going into turn four of lap 14, Meyer drove his car deep into the turn and alongside Mills.  Meyer kept it straight coming out of four and the two had a drag race down the front straight.  Meyer’s momentum through turns one and two propelled him a head of Mills.

For the last five laps, Meyer chased Endee, pulling within a half car length several times but to no avail.  The two put some distance between them and Mills with Patton not too far behind him.  Endee (26) won comfortably over Meyer (04) with Mills (22) ending up third and Patton (51) fourth.  Kevin Endee watched the end of the race from the infield for fifth.

So the question is: Can anyone beat Mike Endee?  Mike has won five of the six feature races this season.  The only race Mike did not will was the result of an untimely spin while attempting to pass Dan Akard for the lead.  Most stock cars are set up for either handling or for horsepower.  A handling car is driven through the turns but needs to make an early apex low in the turn like that of Meyer (04) or Nelson (80).  A high horsepower car drives deep into the turns, slows way down, turns and then rockets off with brute bottom end horsepower much like Billy Campbell (00) or Doug Hopper (15).  Endee’s car has a lot of power and handles, but what makes him so fast is that he can maintain control all the way around the turns on the outside of the track.  Watching his line says a lot about Endee’s car, especially at a track like Showtime that has no outside groove.  So, if any of the Outlaw Modified drivers have a shot at beating Mike Endee, they had better figure out how to drive the outside without their rear ends slipping out from under them in the turns.

Sunday 21 June 2014


Endee's Starts New Win Streak by Winning Both Dan Curl Memorial Feature Races

The Dan Curl Jr. Memorial race is always a special event for the Outlaw Modified Series.  The race is highlighted by two 25 lap features, a complete inversion of the field between races and the overall winner based on the combined finish from both races. 

Mike Endee has been tough to beat all season.  Mike took advantage of a miscue by Billy Campbell in Race One and DeSoto Speedway took advantage of four top running cars in Race Two leading to a sweep of both features by Mike Endee.

The night was made even more special with additional prize money from Series Sponsor Q Auto and Accident Attorneys.  The Q Auto and Accident Attorneys also had a “Q Readers and Racers” event in the main grandstands, prior to the race, where 200 books were given to youth race fans.  Five Outlaw Modified drivers: Dan Akard, Ric Mills, Mike and Kevin Endee and Tom Meyer helped distribute the books. 

Dan Akard has been running strong in the past couple races and had high hopes for the Dan Curl.  Paul Richards made his first race of the year and couldn’t wait to take to the DeSoto banking.  Richard Nelson, a strong competitor joining the series this year in the #10 formerly driven by Robert Campbell, would be racing in his first Dan Curl race.  Cliff Wilman, owner of the 00 driven by Billy Campbell, surprised family members by making the trip down from North Carolina to root for Billy.

Tom Meyer, second place finisher in the past four Dan Curl races, had nothing but trouble from the time he arrived.  Just unloading the car, Meyer broke off his exhaust tip.  Missed all but one practice due to a failed battery and scattered lead ballast down the front straight away when e bolt holding the ballast broke and ended up having to use the winch battery from his trailer.  All that before the first green flag and it didn’t get any better for him after that.


Race 1 had Richards (61) on the pole with Nelson (80) on the outside.  The outside line got a great jump with Nelson clearing Richards in turn 1.  Mills (22) and Akard (14) stayed high with Mills getting by Richards and Akard battling him door to door.  On lap 2, Akard dove low to get under Richards in turn 1.  Campbell (00) and Mike Endee (26) followed Akard low and both were able to make the pass on Richards going into turn 3.

As Nelson (80) stretched his lead over Mills (22), Akard (14), Campbell (00) and Endee (26) formed a line to chase them down.  On lap 5, Campbell drove deep into turn 1 to get around Akard then Endee followed to get around Akard down the backstretch.  Meyer (04) worked his way around Akard on lap 6.  Campbell and Endee made their way to the front by first chasing down and passing Mills on lap 8.  On lap 9, Campbell showed his might again by driving deep through turn 1 to get around Nelson.  Endee was right behind and took Nelson on the outside through turn 3.

Campbell (00) stretched his lead over Endee (26) by 8 car lengths as the two pulled away from the rest of the field.  Endee pushed hard and slowly chipped away at Campbell’s lead.  By lap 17, Endee found himself within 4 car lengths of Campbell.  On lap 22, Endee slipped a little sideways in turn 4 and by the time he gathered it in, Campbell’s lead was back to 8 car lengths. 

Endee would not relent but was running out of laps.  Endee closed again to within 4 car lengths on Campbell on the white flag lap.  Campbell drove deep into 1 as he had earlier in the race to get around Nelson and Akard.  This time, however, the 00 washed up in the turn.  Campbell over compensated just a bit and got the car pointing to the infield.  By the time Campbell straightened his car Endee was there, on the outside, at the exit of turn 2.  Endee and Campbell had a drag race down the back stretch with Endee having a slight advantage going into turn 3.  Campbell got a little sideways in turn 4 trying to beat Endee on exit.  Endee motored out of turn 4 with the lead and took the win with Campbell right behind.  Richard Nelson (80) finished third followed by Mills (22), Meyer (04), Akard (14), Richards (61) and Kevin Endee (5).

Race 2

After Race 1, Meyer complained that his car was “making a strange tire scrubbing noise through the turns” and backed off a bit.  Upon inspection, Meyer found that he broke a stud in the right front hub and the other two lugs had loosened up.  Without time to repair the stud and not wanting to take any chances, Meyer elected to start Race two from the rear and pull off after the first lap.

Kevin Endee (5) and Paul Richards (61) started in the front row for Race 2 with Dan Akard (14) and Richard Nelson (80) in row two.  At the green flag, the outside line again took off and left the inside line in their wake.  By the time the cars entered turn 1, the entire outside line passed pole sitter Endee.  With Nelson jumping to an earlier lead.  On lap 2, Mike Endee (26) moved under Richards in turn 2 for the second spot.  Meyer (04) who planned on parking his car followed Endee mounting a challenge from the inside on Richards.  Going into turn 3, Richards crossed in front of Meyer from the outside down to the apron.  Richards’ car started a slow slide through turns 3 and 4, pointing his nose to the infield.  When Richards corrected at the turn 4 exit, his car snapped hard right and nosed into the wall.  Meyer went high to elude Richards but had the cut his car hard left as Richards headed up the track.  Richards impact into the wall spun his car around backing him into the wall a second time.  Meyer was able to get by, but not without clipping the front of Richards’ car.  So much for pulling off after one lap; afterward Meyer said, “how could I?  I started last and was vying for third on lap 2”.

The restart put Mike Endee (26) on the outside of Richard Nelson (80).  Endee wasted little time, he passed Nelson out of turn 2 and hade Campbell (00) on his rear deck.  Nelson put up a good fight against Campbell but eventually gave up the second spot on lap 4 in turn 2.  On lap 6, going through turns 1 and 2, Nelson broke his right front suspension and drifted up to the wall on exit of turn 2.  How Nelson didn’t hit the wall was a sign of great driving, saving the car.  Nelson’s exit marked the second car succumbing to the DeSoto stress on the right front. 

The lap 6 restart whittled the field down to 5 cars with Endee on the pint and Campbell to his outside.  Campbell held tough on the outside of Endee all the way around to turn 3 when Endee was able to clear Campbell.  Endee pulled out to a comfortable 4 car length lead.  Campbell wasn’t prepared to give up until lap 10 when a broken right front heims joint launched his right front spring and showered sparks from his undercarriage for the ¾ lap it took to safely pull to the infield. 

With only 4 cars left in the field, and Endee comfortably leading, the checkered flag came out on lap 15.  Endee had swept the two Dan Curl Jr. memorial features with Dan Akard finishing second.  Ric Mills was third and Kevin Endee fourth.

The overall result for the memorial race had Endee (26) on top, Ric Mills (22) second and Campbell (00) third.  Dan Akard (14) was fourth, Nelson (80) fifth and Kevin Endee (5) sixth.


Sunday 1 June 2014


Billy Campbell Breaks Endee's Streak

It was a bittersweet night for Billy Campbell.  Winning the Outlaw feature at DeSoto Speedway turned out to be the easy part.  The hard part was knowing that his grandfather, Harry Campbell, would not be there to congratulate him.  Harry passed on the Sunday before the race.  He himself was a racing Sprint Car champion and a member of the Outlaw Modified family for well over a dozen years.


Overcast skies surrounded the track all afternoon.  It drizzled but never really rained hard; just wet enough to be a nuisance.  Eight Outlaws showed up to see who could top Mike Endee's perfect streak of three wins in a row.  Dan Akard brought the 14 team out for his first race since the season opener. 


Richard Nelson (80) won the heat race in a car that Harry Campbell build.  Richard drew an "8" to invert the entire field for the feature starting grid.  That put the 5 of Kevin Endee on the pole with Akard (14) on the outside.


Akard pulled the outside line with Mills (22), Meyer (04) and Endee (26) at the green flag.  Nelson (80), starting last on the inside,  fell in behind Endee to join the freight train.  Going into turn 3, Meyer pulled along the inside of Mills (22) for the second spot.  Meyer and Mills drove side by side for the entire second lap and through turns 1 & 2 of lap 3.  Meyer finally completed the pass on Mills in the back stretch and took Endee with him.  In the fourth lap, Endee dove below to get by Meyer (04).  Nelson (80) followed Endee on the inside while Campbell (00) closed in behind Meyer on the outside.  Meyer and Campbell used the outside to pull ahead of Nelson but, entering turn 1 of lap 5, Meyer drifted high which opened the door for Campbell.  Campbell crossed down low ahead of Nelson and passed Meyer down the back stretch.


Akard, meanwhile, had established a pretty healthy lead.  Endee (26), Campbell (00), Meyer (04) and Nelson (80) lined up to chase Akard down.  By lap 8, Endee came within striking distance of Akard.  Campbell made a run under Endee in turn 1 but slid up the track and lost a lot of ground.  This gave Endee no worries about challenging Akard for the lead.  On lap 10, Endee drove deep into turn 3 on the high side, then cut down low trying to pass Akard on the inside coming out of turn 4.  It is hard to say whether Akard was protecting the inside or thought that Endee was still on his outside; but either way, Endee was not expecting Akard to keep his car low out of turn 4.  Endee was carrying so much speed in trying to make pass that he had to bail out to avoid hitting Akard.   That spin brought out a rare Outlaw caution and would sent Endee to the rear.


On the restart, it again was the inside line led by Akard that did not fire.  As the outside line led by Campbell (00) and Nelson (80) drove off, Meyer (04), had to take evasive action toward the infield and check up to avoid hitting Akard.  The rest of the inside line stacked up but when Akard fired, he drove hard to regain the second spot behind Campbell, dropping Nelson to third, in front of Endee as they raced into turn 1. 


As the leaders approached turn three of lap 11, Nelson (80) looked to the inside of Akard (14).  Nelson slid up and tried to challenge Akard on the outside coming out of four.  Endee (26) decided he wanted a part of the action and worked around the outside of Nelson through turns one and two.  Campbell, meanwhile, enjoyed stretching his lead.  Endee made a charge passing Akard on the outside through turns one and two of lap 13.


The field stretched itself out in single file, albeit 5 car lengths between each of them by lap 15.  By lap 18, Campbell's lead over Endee (26) was 3/4 of a straightaway and Akard (14) was safely riding in third,  Meyer (04) was trying to find a way around Nelson (80) for fourth.  Both Meyer and Nelson were clearly having handling challenges but neither wanted to end up in the fifth spot. 


Further back in the field, the 22 of Mills and 51 of Patton were having quite the battle of their own.  On lap 21, Patton caught Mills, was able to get under Mills in turn three of lap 22 and completed the pass in the backstretch of lap 23. 


Campbell, who broke the Endee streak of three straight feature wins, was rather emotional in the winners circle.  Billy gave honor to Harry Campbell and dedicated his win to him.  Endee finished second and Dan Akard posted his first career top three finish.  Congratulations to Dan.  Richard Nelson was fourth, Meyer fifth Patton sixth and Mills seventh.  Kevin Endee did not finish.



Sunday 1 June 2014


Outlaw Modifieds Mourn Loss of Harry Campbell

Harry William Campbell, 82, passed away Sunday, May 25, 2014 at his residence. He was a Christian man. Harry was the patriarch of the Campbell racing family and a long time friend of the Outlaw Modified Series.  He built many #1 race cars for the series.


Harry was an auto mechanic by trade and was a Hall of Fame Sprint Car racer and champion. He raised tropical fish on a fish farm in Florida. He was good at everything he set his mind to do.


He is survived by his wife, Sarah Campbell of Georgetown; four children, William and Diane of Dade City FL, Roy Campbell of Bradenton, FL, Linda and Hardy Crisp of Cleveland and Robert and Linda Campbell of Dunedin, FL; nine grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren and one brother, Stephen Campbell of Pinellas Park, FL.


We invite you to send a message of condolence and view the Campbell family guest book at:



Sunday 4 May 2014


Mike Endee Perfect in 2014 with Third Win

Mike Endee is perfect for 2014 with three feature wins in as many races.  The Outlaw Modifieds are also perfect in completing their third caution free feature, 75 total laps, for 2014.  As one driver put it afterward, "the only way to beat Endee, as fast as he is right now, is to drive a perfect race".


It started as a soggy Saturday with all central Florida short tracks cancelling for rain...except Showtime Speedway.  Showtime had scheduled a "Making Dreams Come True" for CuRED Racing to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  On hand would be the Boy of the Year Nezden and Girl of the Year Kyanna to ride the pace car and present trophies.  As the late afternoon rain slowed to a drizzle, speedway promoter Robert Yoho said, "this one is for those to kids, we are going to put on a show for them, no matter what".  At Showtime, Robert Yoho normally gets what he wants, even a break in the weather.  And what a show it was.  Showtime Speedway drew over 100 race cars including winged/non-winged sprints, super late models pro trucks and a double feature street 8's.  Racing began at 7PM and wasn't over until just past 12:30AM with no intermission.


On hand for the Outlaws was Richard Nelson (80) who made an impressive Outlaw debut in the last race at DeSoto.  Mark Patton brought his "other" #51 car after taking a hot oil shower from the one he brought to DeSoto. 


All drivers seemed to complain about a tight track during practice and most made big adjustments to improve handling.  Billy Campbell arrived after practice was over, much to the misfortune of Meyer (04) who started behind Campbell in the heat race.  "I was all over Billy's bumper through the turns but didn't dare go underneath".  With a push Campbell's front wheels were turned left as the car drifted up the race track.  "You never know when it would catch and come back down", Meyer said.  Campbell took the heat race with Meyer right behind.  Richard Nelson suffered a more disappointing fate in the heat race as a miss at the end of the straight away during practice developed into a miss all the way around the track.  It took many hands and even more opinions to narrow the problem to a faulty power valve with a replacement graciously provided by Ric Mills.


The feature line up had Patton (51) on the pole with Ric Mills (22) to his outside.  As the field reached turn 1, Mills led the outside line ahead of Patton.  Through the turn, Meyer (04) crossed low ahead of Patton and powered out of the turn ahead of Mills for the lead.  On lap 2, Nelson (80) got by Patton with Campbell (00) and Endee (26) following.  Meyer stretched his lead while Nelson in third dealt with second place Mills. 


By lap 5, Meyer's lead was nearly a full straight away while Nelson (80) , Campbell (00) and Endee (26) finished off Mills and fought amongst themselves in a tight battle for second.  Endee managed to get around the outside of Nelson on lap 6 with Campbell behind Nelson.  As long as they were vying for position, Meyer drove comfortably away but once Endee, Nelson and Campbell hooked up nose to tail, they drew a bead on Meyer to chase him down. 


Meyer said he actually slowed down to allow Endee to catch him on lap 8.  Meyer said, "Once I saw Endee in second and coming on strong, I figured if I couldn't beat him with horsepower, I would have to do it with handling, but I will have to drive perfectly, so I better cool my tires".


Meyer and Endee put on a great show running in a tight battle for 10 laps.  Meyer kept to the inside and drove off the corners really well.  Endee, committed to the outside, sailed into the turns trying to get enough grip to get around Meyer.  Several times, Endee nearly pulled it off with the two coming out of the turns side by side.  Twice, on lap 13 and on lap 15, Endee's car washed up the track and slid back three car lengths before mounting a new challenge.  The battle between Meyer and Endee was exciting to watch and it slowed both cars enough for Nelson (80) and Campbell (00) to join in the fray.


Finally, on lap 17, Endee (26) had enough grip on the outside to slide by Meyer coming out of turn 4.  Meyer tried to fight back but got his car a little sideways drifting up the track.  So much for "driving perfectly", Nelson and Campbell saw Meyer open the door with his miscue and took full advantage.  Nelson pulled along the inside of Meyer down the front stretch and into turn 1.  Campbell stayed right on Nelson's bumper and held Meyer up on the outside coming out of one.  Campbell cleared Meyer down the back stretch. 


And, with that, the field was set for the finish running the next 7 laps nose to tail with Endee (26) out front, Nelson (80) in second, Campbell (00) third and Meyer (04) with Mills (22) right behind.  Mark Patton (51) and Kevin Endee (5) rounded out the field.


Endee may have been perfect through three races in 2014, but the exciting show the Outlaws put on at Showtime is a good indication that there is plenty of good competition right behind him.  Anyone of several drivers could drive that "perfect race" to beat Endee.  The only question is who will it be and when?  For now, Endee has been flawless.



Sunday 20 April 2014


Two Feature Wins in a Row for Mike Endee at DeSoto Speedway

Wasting no time, Mike Endee works his way through the field to win the caution free Outlaw Feature at DeSoto Speedway to take his second feature win of the season.


It was the Saturday before Easter and the Outlaw Modifieds donated 10 Easter baskets for a fairly large crowd of young race fans.


The Outlaw Modifieds welcome racer Richard Nelson to the series.  Richard bought the #10 from Robert Campbell and rebranded it with the #80.  The car was always competitive with Robert Campbell behind the wheel.  Richard comes to the series with an impressive driving resume, so this should make for a very competitive addition to the series.


Tom Meyer (04) drew the pole position for the heat race.  Meyer held off a threat from Billy Campbell (00) but managed to hangon for the heat win.  the heat race was no so kind to Mark Patton (51).  Mark had fought a bit of a front seal oil leak during the warm-up hot laps.  During the heat race, the damn broke and Mark was showered with hot oil.  Mark was OK, but the car was done for the night.  Following the heat race, Meyer drew a "2" for the feature race inversion, putting Billy Campbell on the pole.


Taking the green flag, Campbell took the early lead, beating Meyer into turn 1.  Meyer fought back on the outside of Campbell down the back stretch.  Nelson (80) worked under the 22 of Mills to take the third spot. 


On lap 2, Mike Endee, starting last due to winning the previous Outlaw race overtook Mills and challenged Nelson for third place.  While Campbell (00) stretched his lead, the 04, 80 and 26 drove in a nose to tail battle to sort out second place.  Meter had it and was pretty fast around turns one and two, but was having trouble all night in turn 3.  Bottoming out at both ends of the speedway, the bumps in turn 3 upset his chassis so he couldn't take the turn at full speed.  Meyer stayed low and Nelson (80) gladly took the outside line around Meyer in turn 4 of lap 4.  Endee (26) saw the same opportunity around the outside but Meyer held him off, again until turn 3 where Endee was able to complete the pass. 


Campbell (00) established a comfortable lead with Nelson, Endee and Meyer running nose to tail 10 car lengths behind.  On lap 8, Endee (26) worked his way to the outside of Nelson (80) and was able to get by coming out of turn 4 on lap 8.


While Endee was chasing down Campbell, Meyer was able to fight his way back around Nelson coming out of turn 4 on lap 10.  On lap 11, Endee (26) caught Campbell (00) but Campbell put up a good fight.  Endee worked his way under Campbell in turn 4 of lap 12 and the two ran side by side until Endee was able to complete the pass down the backstretch of lap 13.


Endee (26) started pulling away from Campbell (00) and Meyer (04) was comfortable ahead of Nelson (80) as the field stretched out.  Trying to give Endee one last run, Campbell slid his car sideways in turn 4 of lap 19.  Campbell saved the car from going all the way around, but caught a piece of the infield trying to straighten it out.  That was more than enough for Meyer and Nelson to get by Campbell. 


By lap 20, Endee had a full straightaway advantage over Meyer who, at this point, seemed to be content with a second place run given his handling problems in turn 3. 


Endee easily took the feature win with Meyer finishing second.  Richard Nelson made a great showing for his Outlaw modified debut by finishing third.  Cambell had to settle for fourth after sliding his car through turn 4.  Mills (22) finished fifth and Kevin Endee (5) sixth.


Sunday 16 March 2014


Mike Endee Starts 2014 Season with Feature Win at DeSoto Speedway



Saturday 25 January 2014


Kevin Campbell Crowned Champion at Outlaw Modified Awards Banquet

The 2013 Outlaw Modified Awards Banquet was held on 25 January and hosted by Don and Jill Delaney, owners of series co-sponsor Electric Motors Lift Station Service.  Jill Marie was on hand representing series co-sponsor Q Auto & Injury Attorneys. 

The event this year was extra special as many notable series legends were in attendance including Steve and Philip Bringham, George Sands, Ted Katie and Lance Hoverson and many, many, more.  Series founding teams of Kevin Endee, Harold Perry and Craig Sherar are still active and were also on hand for the festivities.   


The top 10 trophies were provided by Q Auto & Injury Attorneys through Dudley's Trophies in Pinellas Park.  Dudley's did a superb job crafting the 2013 trophies and the Outlaw Modified Series thanks our sponsor Leonard McCue for making this year's trophies something to remember. 


The Delaneys really outdid themselves, making this a banquet to remember.  Jill Marie delivered a message from Leonard McCue which portrays our 2014 racing season as something to get really excited about.  Stay tuned!!!!









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